Texarkana Broad Street Galleries
200-202 Broad Street, Texarkana, Arkansas

Texarkana Broad Street Galleries is a complex that contains three separate museums!   Each of the separate museums celebrates an important part of Texarkana's heritage.

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Lindsay Railroad Museum Police & Fire Museum Old Broad Street Galleries

What’s In The Railroad Museum?

The Lindsey Railroad Museum has photographic and art displays that cover Texarkana’s 138-year history.  Texarkana was founded by the Texas & Pacific Railroad and the Cairo & Fulton Railroad in the winter of 1873-74.  In time, Texarkana became the regional hub of nine railroad systems including the Texas & Pacific, Kansas City Southern, and Missouri Pacific. 

The museum also includes first-person stories about working for the railroads and memorabilia such as uniforms, patches, badges and flags.  We have a theater in which to watch films about railroads and a “hands-on” section for children to ring the bells, toot the horns, and experience the thrill of train travel.

Come and enjoy the glory days of Texarkana’s railroads!

What’s In the Police & Fire Museum? 

Texarkana’s Police and Fire Museum is a unique maze of photographs, art  and memorabilia that tell the story of both Texarkana’s fire department and its police department.  Exhibits of photographs covering memorable fires in downtown Texarkana tell the story of the end of timber construction in the city after numerous expensive blazes.  Exhibits of police photographs and equipment cover advances in police work over the century.

This gallery also features a “Wall of Heroes”  honoring those policemen and firemen who lost their lives in service to Texarkana.  Children will find the “hands-on” section lots of fun as they set off the police cruiser lights and sirens and slide down the fireman’s pole,

There is also a theater in which educational films and Hollywood movies can be shown.

What’s In The Old Broad Street Gallery?

  Take a walk down Texarkana’s main business street - Broad Street - in the 1890s.  Brick streets and gas lights lead you along the ten storefronts that are replicas of actual early stores in our downtown area.

Each store is filled with period goods and commodities that early Texarkana residents would have purchased and used.

Take a moment to reflect by the old town well and then continue your stroll to the end of Broad Street.  When you reach this point, you can look through the gallery’s front windows onto Broad Street as it looks today.

You can arrange for your group to have a picnic lunch in our welcome center overlooking old Broad Street, or, you can book one of our specialty tours such as the Swampoodle Entertainment District tour for adults only.